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SprigStack is a lean development team built specifically to launch R1 tech products for founders and idea-driven companies.

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Fanning Entrepreneurial Flames

So many professionals have brilliant ideas to change the world with a software product, app, or even a plugin to existing solutions. We turn those visions into reality. Our team has turned dozens of ideas into product launches, and watched idea-driven people turn into business leaders.

Client-Oriented Approach

If you have a strong grasp of technology and scope, our team can be a valuable resource to executing your ideas. But not every future entrepreneur knows the technical path to building a product. That’s where we shine. We can turn a sketch on a napkin into a working product in just a matter of weeks.

Iterative Design & Perpetual Beta

A key attribute of our team and approach is “Ready. Fire. Aim.” Our goal is to create a minimum viable product that is designed, developed and delivered in as little as 4 weeks. Then, we help you listen to customer feedback, refine iterative releases, and progress through your product roadmap as your budget allows.

Entrepreneurs love us

Ryan is a self-declared foodie, an avid shopper at local farmers markets, and an experienced restauranteur. But when he had the idea to start an online farmers market, his biggest hurdle was the "online" part. SprigStack created an online shopping system and vendor management portal for Ryan's startup. Today, Ryan is launching local markets across the country using the scalable software that SprigStack provided him.

Ryan Thomas,


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Your Development Partner

Many of our clients think of us as their technical co-founder – that team member who is there from the start, helps birth the idea, and grows with it. We have a proven track record in software application creation, development, and successful launches. We know what it takes to start a company because we’ve started many of our own. Let us journey with you as entrepreneurs.

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A Least-Cost Provider

We are not your typical off-shore development team. Our company is a joint venture between Nick Carter, an experienced startup expert and software architect based in the US, and Ronak Shah, who has worked with Nick for 4 years as a senior developer and engineer based in India. The two lead a blended team of US and off-shore resources to create stunning products while keeping startup costs minimal.

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