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At SprigStack, we fan the flames of entrepreneurship with a client-oriented approach to rapidly prototype and launch your first product release.

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We help Entrepreneurs

SprigStack helps entrepreneurs to launch their ideas digitally and let them grow their business in the current market. Our first official product was launched back in 2009, a small business CRM, called AddressTwo. And we did it lean! Since then, we have been constantly adding new features and maintaining the product, as a result our client has more than 5K customers now. We have perfected the methods of ideation, R1 development, and scalable product evolution.

The Unfunded Story

SprigStack founder and product architect, Ronak Shah, is product manager of AddressTwo CRM. This lean, scrappy startup tale has become the model for SprigStack's approach to getting entrepreneur's ideas into the market rapidly and effectively. SprigStack have helped so many other entrepreneurs to start-up their idea with almost none or very low budget fund because of the client driven nature of our firm.

Economical Outsourcing

We have been helping entrepreneurs, who are mostly new to digital world, to put their idea on air. Thus, they have a very limited budget terms with them and we help them establish their platform right according to their pocket. We are known for our very competitive price range and our customers are happy to deal with us in that manner.

Minimum Viable Products

As an entrepreneur, your vision needs code to become reality. But products do not start with code. Our experienced team starts by helping you to define your minimum feature-set to get to market, and get to revenue. Our lean model is focused on proving traction quickly, then expanding features as-needed.

Customizations & Extensions

Often, the fastest way to market is to customize or extend an existing off-the-shelf solution. We can identify, source, and build on API's or open-source platforms for your lean launch.

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