Ready. Fire. Aim.
Ideas thrive in perpetual beta.

Minimum Viable Products

As an entrepreneur, your vision needs code to become reality. Our lean model will help you define the R1, and launch a mimimally viable product that generates revenue and proves traction quickly.

Customizations and Extensions

Very often, the fastest way to market is to customize or extend some existing off-the-shelf solution. We can identify, source, and build on API's or open-source platforms for your lean launch.

About SprigStack

If you're looking for something to search on Google, here it is: SprigStack is an Indianapolis-based division of Carter and Company, LLC. Founded in 2005 as a marketing services agency, the company launched its first tech product in 2007. Since then, Founder and CEO Nick Carter has launched over a dozen tech products. He has perfected the methods of ideation, R1 development, and product evolution.

The Unfunded Story

SprigStack co-founder and product architect, Nick Carter, is founder of AddressTwo CRM. This lean, scrappy startup tale has become the model for SprigStack's approach to getting entrepreneur's ideas into the market rapidly and effectively. You can read more about how Carter build AddressTwo "Unfunded: from bootstrap to blue chip."

Economical Outsourcing

Most of SprigStack's development team lives and works outside the U.S. In 2012, Carter began adding to his company's development staff with outsourced resources from India. Today, his blend of local architecture and engineering with outsourced development is a key to the most economical product launch you can find.

Proven Talent

Leading the development team for SprigStack is the second co-founder, Ronak Shah. With 3 years of tenure as lead developer for AddressTwo, Ronak brings a unique experience of agile, rapid development and team management. Located in Ahmedabad, Ronak is a hands-on, experienced leader of SprigStack's development team.